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Old 08-13-2012, 05:29 PM   #1
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Default Munchkin Cthulhu "Cultist" class cards

Dumb n00b question about cultist cards. Are you only obligated to become a cultist when a card explicitly says "Become a cultist" (such as H.P. Munchcraft etc), or are there other situations in which you are obligated to become a cultist?

Example, kicking down the door to find a cultist card, do you automatically become a cultist, or can you put the card in your hand?

Thanks for the help, and the tolerance haha.
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Default Re: Munchkin Cthulhu "Cultist" class cards

The special rules for Cultists are on page 4.
You cannot voluntarily discard this class! You can still lose it because of cards played by yourself or others, but you can neverj ust say “I don’t want to be a Cultist any more.” It’s not that easy to quit . . .When you discard a Cultist card for any reason, put it in a separate discard pile, not in the regular Door discards, and do not count this pile as “discards” for any other purpose, because:If any card tells you “Become a Cultist,” and there is a dis-carded Cultist card waiting for you, then you must take it. If there is no Cultist card, you escaped . . . this time. If you were already a Cultist, there is no further effect; you don’t take another card.There are six Cultist cards in the deck – more than any other class – and several cards have special effects for Cultists. Don’t be surprised if the game ends with most or all of the players as Cultists!
Note that there's nothing there that changes the normal rule for the Kick Open the Door phase and drawing a card that is neither Monster nor Curse.
If you draw any other card, you may either put it in your hand or play it immediately.

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Default Re: Munchkin Cthulhu "Cultist" class cards

A Cultist Follow Up Question:

When you die as a cultist. are you re spawned Normal or as a cultist still ?
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Default Re: Munchkin Cthulhu "Cultist" class cards

When you die, you retain your level and class. Cultist is a class, thus you remain a cultist.

In other versions of munchkin there are other "thingies" that you also retain; races, accents, mojos, etc.
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