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Default Re: Rapid Fire Houserules

Weell, as written the Rapid Fire rules really are a pretty realistic simulation of what happens but,

Problem 1: switching between different hit locations deliberately during a single second of fire.

It's not completely clear whether you meant that you hit one location on purpose and wish to shift to another hit location as well or whether you hit the first location as a random determination of just firing at the whole target and now want to shift your fire from that location to a different one. The solutions will differ a little bit in the particulars but here goes.

For the first location, you can gain an accuracy/aiming bonus if you took the time to aim before firing but will lose it when shifting your fire to another location. Generally, you should be able to shift hit locations within the second of fire, but at RoF 4 or greater, you will lose rounds to the areas between the two hit locations. As a rough kludge, you can

A) use Rapid Fire vs. Close Stationary Targets as written to determine how many rounds are available for distribution and then walk the rounds' distribution as initial hit location takes a minimum of 1 x recoil shots or 1 burst, next closest hit location on the way to the new takes 1 x recoil shots and so on until the new location is reached and it then takes whatever is left.


B) use the spraying rules with two attack rolls + 1 waste shot for each hit location between the two.

As an example of determining the closest to next closest movement of hit location, let's use a human and follow the path. We are just broadly aiming at our opponent as a whole body and he's actually close enough that we can see where we're hitting to walk our fire onto the desired hit location, so we initially hit him in the leg and would prefer a shot to the head (walking the fire onto an eyeshot isn't realistically probable). Initial hit: leg, walked through groin, torso, and neck to final hits: head.

For continuous fire or RoF 5+, I'd likely require bursts of 3 shots rather than single shots when shifting fire.

Imagining the relative positioning of the body is going to be important in determining the walk patterrn. A shot that hit somone, who was aiming a longarm at you, could reasonable be argued for the following path.

People normally move both arms to about shoulder height when aiming or firing a longarm, so from a hit on an arm, I should only have to move neck and then head to get my headshot.

Likewise a handshot on someone whose arms are down at their sides should transfer to the groin or torso rather than the arm before other movement.

I haven't playtested this for GURPS but a number of rpg systems used this basic idea to handle the problem. An added advantage of this is that it readily transfers to other hit location tables since you only need to visualize the shape and then track the shortest path to your target destination.

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