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Old 05-06-2012, 06:00 AM   #1
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Default Frag tactics

I've played Frag a few times, usually with 3-4 players on a single board.

It seems that most games degenerate into spawn-killing quite rapidly. With movement of 2-3, it seems that it's usually possible to get into range to kill someone else in a single turn, and there's nothing they can do about it.

What am I doing wrong?
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Default Re: Frag tactics

Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
What am I doing wrong?
Nothing, from what I can tell. It doesn't matter how many times you die; it only matters how many times you kill... >;-)

Then again, when I run Frag, I always include a "house rule" of Instantly Respawning.
Franklin W. Cain
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Default Re: Frag tactics

I tend to play a "Skeleton" character (1H, 3sp, 3acc). I find I can spawn camp fairly well. But if I dont get the kill, or cant get far enough away, I get killed pretty darned quick. More than once I will kill someone who spawns, only to have them spawn at the same place next turn and blow me up but good! they then loot something from my body and continue on. It very oftion becomes who is luck on rolls and weapon/gadget looting.
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