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Default Re: Ceremonial Magic used to support an army.

Originally Posted by BaHalus View Post
Edit.: But, looking again, I don't see any spell that restricts a subject to only receive tries from one mage. Even great healing only says that the subject can't benefit from more than one, but says nothing forbiding a second mage to try if the first one fails.
True. A common work-around for the multiple-healing skill penalties is to just bring in a second healer. Spells like Resurrection are so difficult and draining that you're only likely to find one caster in a given region who can even attempt it, so the "One try" limit could effectively become "One try ever" (ie, if it fails it becomes impractical or impossible to get the corpse to another capable healer).

I could see the argument that Healing (and thus Youth and Resurrection) should be handled differently, that the limitations on such spells are based on the subject's tolerance to magical alteration. In such a setting, penalties and limitations for multiple healing spells would transfer from one mage to another, and maybe even stack with each other. Instead of being "One try per X time" or "-3 to repeated attempts for X time" it would be "-N to all subsequent healing spells for X time". Spells that are currently impossible would give, say, -10 per attempt. This means that if someone had Youth cast on them within the month, it would be nigh impossible to heal their injuries. Critical Failures under such conditions could be especially gruesome, as the subject's form twists under excessive manipulation...

Of course, that's not the way RAW Magic is written. Just an interesting thought experiment.
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