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Default Adventure Seed: Man with reptile heart

A man sought for chest pains and exhaustion. The chest pains were resistant to normal treatment and an angiogram was performed - only to reveal that the man had a reptilian setup to the heart (meaning that the ventricles were only partly separated). This is sufficient for reptiles, since they have lower metabolic demands, but unsufficient for mammals. However, the patient had lived to the age of 59 with some problems.


Well, the traditional explanation is of course a hick-up in evolution, an atavistic feature. But that's boring. As an adventure seed I recommend some other explanations.

1) The MegaCorporations are experimenting on humans, giving them reptile hearts. This is part of a nefarious scheme to increase their profits by making more people rely on heart medication.

2) The world is actually run by reptilians. For millennia, they have used their illusion-powers to maintain the facade. But keeping up an illusion requires a lot of concentration, so some reptilians are turning to cross-breeding experiments to make things easier. The man is an example of a successful hybrid that somehow escaped.

3) The timelines are merging. The United States of Lizardia and the U.S.A. are becoming one. Note that this is the second case - the first case was discovered only 5 years ago. As the timelines grow closer, the number of reptilian-mammal hybrids will become more. The consequences of two timelines merging are too colossal to fathom, but it would be bad. Very, very bad.

Any more guesses on what's going on?
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Default Re: Adventure Seed: Man with reptile heart

4) A hiccup in evolution -- but not atavism. Rather, these two are just the leading edge of the New Humanity, as people turn into lizardmen. ("A planet where snakes evolved from men?!?") Perhaps the change can spread by retrovirus, so each generation has more reptilian features.

We'll just love the new, warmer climate. The megacorps and politicians are already aware, which is why they're trying so hard to engineer our future climate to something more suitable.

5) Reptiles are just the first, as humanity fragments into a dozen (or more) races along with the lizardmen. Short stocky ones that like caves. Tall thin ones with pointy ears. Gilled underwater aquagoblins.

(Good topic for the Real-Life Weirdness thread.)
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