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Default Avalon Games July Preview

Hi, everyone! Here we are starting the summer of 2011, and its going to be a hot one I think. So stay cool and play a good game is what I advise. To help out in that quest for comfort, Avalon has a ton of new games for you.

First up we have more war in the skies with the second expansion for Airships. Take your steam punk wars into the clouds and have a blast while you play this great game.

We also have a new issue of Games Geek. Readership is growing and this issue includes a sneak peak at Nova Blast, some new goblins from Raging Swan and, of course, a new issue of Dept. 13.

We have two new journals for Arcana this month, with plenty more in the pipeline. This month we are also excited to present the first City Resource, Githmorgian.

Plenty of new Pathfinder stuff from us this month. In addition to four new Avalon Pathfinder issues we also have a conversion of our popular Markets and Merchandise into a Pathfinder edition.

The update crew has been working overtime, and this month we have revised editions for four of our older Mini-Games. Robot Jocks, Kung-Fu U, Food Fight and Alien Incursion all all get a makeover with new covers, new layout and edited rules. Great games and they're all fresh, clean and shiny.

Our paper model line brings out two expansions for the Fantasy House and Manor this month with new roof and floor tile and more to come. We have new art as well including character clip art and Heraldry Shields.

As always, have a great time and have a seat at the round table of fun with Avalon Games.

Avalon Games
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