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Default [3e] HMS Tonnant

Ship construction faster than a space-age Scotsman! :)

HMS Tonnant (Le Tonnant) (TL5)
Le Tonnant ("Thundering") was an 80-gun ship-of-the-line launched in 1789. With the French, she fought in the Battle of Genoa (1795) and the Battle of the Nile (1798), where she was captured by the British. She was taken into Royal Navy service, and again saw action at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805) and the Battle of Baltimore. (Francis Scott Key was aboard the HMS Tonnant at this time, watching the battle, when he was inspired to write "The Star Spangled Banner.") The ship's boats of the Tonnant participated in the Battle of Lake Borgne. She returned to England in 1815, and was broken up in 1821.
Typical crew (under French command) would have included 2 captains, 5 lieutenants, 7 ensigns, and officer of the garrison, a purser, a chief medical officer, 2 first-masters, 2 second-masters, 2 contre-masters, 3 quarter-masters, 3 master gunners, 4 second gunner-masters, 48 gunners, 2 master helmsmen, 5 second-master helmsmen, 8 helmsmen mates, 1 master shipwright with 2 second-masters and 5 mates, 1 master caulker with 2 second-masters and 5 mates, 1 master sailmaker with 1 second-master and 2 mates, 95 matelots of classes 1-4 (380 total), 125 novices, 60 boys, 130 soldiers, 2 armourers, 2 surgeons, 2 surgeon's mates, 1 apothecary, 2 stewards, 2 ration distributors, 1 cook, 1 butcher, 1 baker, 1 cooper and 13 orderlies.

Subassemblies: Body +9 with Mediocre lines, one 175' Foremast +4, one 200' Main Mast +4, one 150' Mizzenmast.
Powertrain: 45,938 sf of Cloth Sails in a Full Rig.
Occupancy: 886 crew
Cargo: 1,000 tons.

Armor: 3/16W overall

32 32-pdr Cannons (100 rounds each).
34 18-pdr Cannons (100 rounds each).
18 32-pdr Carronades (100 rounds each).

Body: Navigation instruments, 6 bunks, 420 hammocks, 3 cabins, galley, 25,980 man-days provisions, 4,800-lb. capstan, 3 longboats, 3 pinnaces, 1 gig.

Size: 195'x50'x224' Payload: 1,400 tons Lwt.: 1,993 tons
Volume: 219,415 cf. Maint.: 17.5 hours Price: $1,311,309

HT: 7. HPs: 32740 Body, 1034 Main Mast, 792 Foremast, 582 Mizzenmast.

wSpeed: 16 wAccel: 0.5 wDecel: 0.4 wMR: 0.02 wSR: 7
Draft: 26'. Flotation Rating: 6,253 tons.

Design Notes:
Structure is Medium, with Standard materials. Waterproofed. Armor is DR 16 Standard Wood. The volume of the armor is figured into the design, as per the rules on p. VEii5. Most 80-gun ships featured an 80cm thick hull; at 2 DR per 1" (p. B125), this gives DR 16. Mast height (and ship's boats) were selected based on similar sized ships, but are a guess. Accommodations are a guess as well. Volume was calculated using the Builder's Old Method. This matched the displacement (tons burthen) volume of 219,000 cf well (2,190 tons x 100 cf per ton). Empty weight is 1,188,136 lbs. Cargo was used to round out the ship's weight to the historical displacement of 1800 tonnes. Design draft was 11.6'. Even with my habit of doubling it (23'), it was still a little low. The historical value is shown.

When possessed by the French, armament was 30 36-pdr cannon, 32 24-pdr cannon, 18 12-pdr cannon, and 4 36-pdr carronades.
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