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Default Re: Drama Cards For GURPS

I'm planning on using something similar, but less extensive, for my next (non GURPS) game--either d20 modern or Star Wars. I'll likely incorporate some of the cards listed above. My intention is for there to be relatively few cards in hand at any given time, since when a character levels up, the player will turn in all but one unused card and have her hand rebuilt to a set number of random cards. Cards will also be given out for dramatic moments.

Here's my list for others to use, if desired.

Cards for PC’s

“I’m not dead”
When you die, you didn’t—somehow, you will survive. Your survival may not be immediate, but you will be alive—perhaps taken prisoner, perhaps left for dead and wake up, possibly with some long lasting injury. You have at least a fighting chance of staying alive.

“I remembered that!”
One piece of equipment that the PC could logically be carrying is conveniently on the PC.

“Security screwed up”
One item of contraband doesn’t get found during a search, IF the searcher could reasonably miss it.

“In the groove…”
Choose one skill, saving throw, or weapon skill. You have a +1 luck bonus for the day.

“Look what I found!”
One ordinary non-magical item of immediate use is discovered. This could be a rope when you need to climb, a tinderbox, a full waterskin, oil, tools. It must be something that could reasonably be there. A small, battered rowboat hidden in bushes by a stream is perhaps the limit. The GM decides what is found.

“Right Turn…”
When lost, or guessing directions at random, the PC guesses right, getting her closer to being on track.

“I didn’t know it did THAT!”
One newly found magic item is more potent than expected-AFTER it has been claimed by the character. GM decides what it can do

“Shared Fortune”
You may, on mutual agreement, either trade one card to another player in exchange for one of her cards, or give her one from your stash.
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