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Default Questions about Hnd/SR

I'm trying to work up some baseline figures for Hnd/SR to use for vehicle designs, and I have a few questions.

Mostly, there are enough examples in the Basic Set, High-Tech, and Ultra-Tech to get a sense for what's normal for most general classes of vehicles, but there are a few "holes" I'm trying to fill.

A twin-prop transport is -2/3 and a business jet is 0/3, as are the biplanes in High-Tech. Modern monoplanes and World War II fighters are +1/3. So far, so good.

Obviously, there are a few inconsistencies (like the biplane in the Basic Set that is +2/3) and individual craft within these classes might be better or worse than the baseline. That's okay. I'm just trying to figure out the baseline.

This is what I've got...

1950s jet fighter (F-86, etc.): +2/3

1980s jet fighter (F-16, etc.): +3/3

2010s jet fighter (F-22, etc.): +4/3

(By way of comparison, a TL 11 micro-jet from Ultra-Tech is +6/4)

World War II bomber (B-17): -2/3

1950s jet bomber (B-52) or transport (707): -1/3

1980s jet bomber (B-1) or transport (767): 0/3

2010s jet bomber or transport: +1/3

Does these sound reasonable? Any ideas, suggestions, etc.? Thanks.

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