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Default Weird Munchkin Moment

This happened to us this evening.

We were playing with 4 people. A level 8 (it was his turn) and a level 9 wizard elf and me (level 8) were battling for the win.

Our 8 encounters a monster which lets him gain two levels if he beats it and then asks the elf to help him, deciding they would then win together.
We start boosting the monster and that puts them into trouble and the level 9 player had to play a doppelganger, making sure they then would defeat the monster.

That triggered me to play a mate card on the monster, doubling that. They would lose again. The wizard charms one of the monsters and they fight the last one, defeating it. Then, as a last resort I use my love potion (not sure the name is like this in English) to make all the monster leave and quote "no treasure and levels being distributed"

At least they didn't win, but then there was a discussion about whether or not they could keep the treasure from the charmed monster (which was something like 6 treasures, which is a lot, considering they had just used their entire hand to try and win)

My argument was that because of the love potion no treasures would be distributed and their argument was that since they had already charmed one of the monsters, they would get his treasure.

Any opinions on this one?
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Default Re: Weird Munchkin Moment

Rather than opinions, I'll give you official statements of fact. :-)

First off, Doppleganger can only be played when there is only one player in combat; your Level 9 Elf could not have played it. Secondly, if they already had defeated the Monster, you couldn't have played this mystery potion unless it says you can play it even after the Monster(s) have been defeated. If you mean to say that they were going to win the combat, that's a different story. Regardless of all that, they weren't winning because Doppleganger was an illegal play.

I'm assuming, actually, that you are referring to Friendship Potion, now that I've had a chance to look at the database. And, no Treasure is gained, since this is what the card says. The charmed Monster's Treasure is lost to the munchkins as well. If we wanted to say otherwise, it would be documented in the rules or the card that Monsters, defeated in such a way that gives Treasure prior to a card being played that would remove any remaining Monsters and their Treasure, would still give up their Treasure at the end of the combat (do you see how confusing a statement that is?). Neither Friendship Potion nor the rules say this, so no Treasure.
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doppleganger, friendship potion

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