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Default ebay/uk, ships worldwide - Lots: In Nomine; Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade; Fading Suns

This is a collection of In Nomine RPG books, Published by Steve Jackson Games, containing:

In Nomine (Main Rulebook)
In Nomine GM pack and Screen
Angelic Players Guide
Infernal Players Guide
Liber Reliquarum
Revelations I: Night Music
Revelations II: The Marches
Revelations III: Heaven and Hell
Revelations IV: Fall of the Malakim
Revelations V: The Final Trumpet

This is a collection of Mage: The Sorcerers RPG books, Published by White Wolf Games, containing:

Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade (Main Rulebook)
The Artisans Handbook
Castles and Covenants
Crusade Lore & Screen
The Sorcerers Crusade Companion
Infernalism: the Path of Screams

This is a collection of Fading Suns RPG books, Published by Holistic Design, containing:

Fading Suns (Main Rulebook)
GM Screen and Weapon Compendium
Players Companion
Byzantium Secundus
Lords of the Known Worlds
Children of the Gods: Obun & Ukar
The Dark Between the Stars
Forbidden Lore: Technology
Priests of the Celestial Sun
Weird Places

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ebay, fading suns, in nomine, mage:tsc

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