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Old 11-09-2009, 02:45 PM   #31
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I've finally decided on which campaign to focus on building. It is Hell's Dawn where demons are invading the planet and the increase in mana has caused magic, super science and powers to appear. There isn't much info on it now but I hope to post at least one or a few things a week for it on this blog.

Thoughts and feedback is always welcome. I am considering running it as PbP game for the moment.
GURPS: Ravens Path
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Originally Posted by Ravenspath View Post
I've finally decided on which campaign to focus on building. It is Hell's Dawn where demons are invading the planet and the increase in mana has caused magic, super science and powers to appear. There isn't much info on it now but I hope to post at least one or a few things a week for it on this blog.

Thoughts and feedback is always welcome. I am considering running it as PbP game for the moment.
Somewhat akin to Torg's premise, Orrosh in particular. And Torg books are fairly cheap if they go for list price (by today's standards, at least).

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Past campaign:
ForeverQuest (GURPS Space 3e). Ran for three years. A motley collection of Terran citizens answered an ad for assistants to an archeaological expedition. Said expedition led to evidence that Earth had not only been visited by aliens millennia before, but now needed help to revive the survivors of their race, who had escaped a terrible war with an ancient enemy.

Planned campaigns (one of these days...)
The Ares Agenda (GURPS Cyberworld). A Cyberworld campaign (with some changes, notably making it more tech noir) featuring emerging technologies; dark deeds done in the shadows; and many conspiracies, human and otherwise...

Penumbra (GURPS Old West). A campaign set in the Old West with paranormal activity bubbling just below the surface and conspiracies abounding (think Unforgiven meets The X-Files...)

The Dark Beyond (GURPS Space). A space opera campaign in which the PCs kidnapping and enslavement leads to the discovery of a new and terrible threat to Earth.

The Blackheart (GURPS Fantasy). A campaign set on a fantasy world undergoing a slow corruption and takeover by an ancient, unseen, and seemingly unstoppable evil.

Sorry, no websites or anything. I might post the notes from ForeverQuest at some point if I ever get around to typing them up.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Not mine, but this is a pretty well thought out 4e supers setting: Trinity's Children. Dystopic alt. reality with metahuman apartheid in the US.
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Phaelen Bleux
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

The Company of the Keys: Fantasy. A quest for 9 keys to unlock a powerful sword. The nice part was that each Key Quest was run by a separate player who became GM for that episode, allowing for the 10 adventures to be independent and yet united into an overall whole. It was the beginning of our Arnur Soghal world; nothing was developed except for the map, and each player/GM was able to build a little part of the world without worrying about conflicting with another GMs story arc/campaign plans.

Sail to the Island of Hronn: Fantasy. The players are sent by a Duke to explore a mysteriously erupting ice volcano, and stop a demon from entering Arnur Soghal. A definite GM's cunning plan to force Winter Weather gaming.

The Year of Wild Magic: Fantasy. The players discover that magic doesn't always work right. Every time they cast a spell, they had to roll 1d. On a 1, they were subjected to the Wild Magic failure table in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Also all metal armor and weapons were electrically charged--touching metal caused 1d damage. Spears and leathers became the gear of choice. After they figured out What Went Wrong, they were off to defeat the wizard who created the problem.

The Zophsprae Islands Campaign: Fantasy. After much difficulty as a GM keeping the party on task, one PC was told to conquer the local "evil" duke and replace him in the name of the queen. Success was bittersweet when the ennobled PC was dubbed an usurper by the remaining nobles. . .

The Lost Archipelago Campaign:
Fantasy with Gun Powder. The players were allowed to build the usual suspects for PCs, given lots o' magic, then shipwrecked on an island that was a no mana zone. Magic is forbidden, witches are burned, and muskets rule in an India-flavored culture. The spread of gunpowder to the rest of Arnur Soghal was prohibited by making it mana-reactive--every day that black powder is in a normal mana area--roll 3d--on a critical failure, it absorbs enough mana to explode!!

The Tween Meanders: A Fantasy evil-PC campaign. The PCs begin by being on the way to the king's gallows. They are "saved" by an evil dragon, and forced to be her vassals. Given that they are still wanted by the law, rampant evil-doing is minimized by needing to keep a low profile. But the players are having fun playing "taboo" races--a dark elf, a giant, a bale, etc.

The 6 Million-Dollar Men: Modern. So far just an idea. The players are allowed to spend $1 million each on bionics. They work for a secret government agency doing covert ops. Essentially Steve Austin meets 007.

Behind Enemy Lines: WWII. Each player got two PCs. . .filling out the crew positions of a B-24. They are shot down in Romania (role played, but by GM-fiat decided that they ARE going to be shot down) and are trying to make it back to the Greek coast to be rescued. They are forced to cope with little in the way of supplies (each bullet is precious) or learning the use new gear (i.e., spend earned points on German/Czech weapons).

Pyrates: Swashbucklers era piracy, but with one willing PC who was secretly a Voodoo Initiate. Slowly the party is dragged into the Shadow War and must face down a Devourer on the Isle of Dread (yep, I stole from the old D&D module). The campaign would flip back and forth between mundane (i.e., pirating) and magical adventures.

And of course the straight up rip offs of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Top Secret.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

In 2003 a new cold war starts, that soon becomes a war against US, EU+ against Russia, asia +. this war soon beocmes an atomic war..
After 250-300 years the seceret droid senter reveals it selve and starts the hunt on humanuty, humanity go to gather to fight the new threat.

Since the atomic wars the humans have begone to mutate.
The setting is inspired on Terminator: Salvation VS X-menn. and the players are one of the elite teams of mutants on the Resistance army.

i got a lot of plans on this world, and i just GM'ed my first session. It wass a lot of funn. Planing to putt in mutaded insects and aimals later on, Basen on Star Crafts Zerg's.

This is my first Campain in Gurps. Gave GM'ed 3-4 times in other games tho

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Diagnosis: Amnesia
The characters (planned for one but could be adapted for more) wakes due to the insistent banging on the door of the run down hotel room they wake up in. The hotel room shows signs of recently having been the scene of a fight. Broken furniture, fresh (ie, less than a week old) bullet-holes.
Their clothing are torn, in some places ripped, as if they'd been in a fight. Even a bullet-hole in their clothing too, though no where near a fatal area.
However, they have no scars, no aches ... and NO memories.
On one wall can be seen the word "Out!" drawn in something red, and "NO!" written on the door the police is banging on, demanding them to open.
The door is blocked by a wardrobe, and a headless body ...


Players (played with one, worked fine) can define their characters appearance, to a point. No apparent cybernetics or magic effect items.
Inspiration for the adventure: Deus EX 1&2 (game, for names, locations and some equipment), Dark Angel, season 1 (TV-serie, for some background, and yes, the chars are equal to X5's), Bourn Identity (for more background) and of course; Amnesia: Total.
Goal: Recover memory and help expose VersaCorp.

(Edited for clarity)
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The Bearded One
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Originally Posted by sgtcallistan View Post
GURPS: Teen Muties. A 'school for gifted youth' collects or finds students who are taught to employ their gifts by teachers who were once heroes themselves. Outcasts, orphans or simply odd-looking; they exist in a world where all other comic characters exist or have existed (mostly UK-based ones).
Plots mined from all of comic book history. Other timelines and alternates, vistors from the future, 'the very last nazi giant robot of all', demons and angels, it's all happened.
Has been rebooted and revisited several times with different groups, resulting in a fourth-wall-breaky style that means characters and events are reworked and reinterpreted as time passes; while the time is an eternal present day.
I should have known that my idea wasn't unique.
Substitute Heroes was my GURPS Supers (3e) campaign in which the PCs played teenaged mutant supers-in-training who are suddenly pushed by their teacher to become a full-fledged public super team when the previous team of mutant heroes is slaughtered by a powerful demon. The team made some rookie mistakes, but wound up helping to save the world from the precog's vision of a demon invasion anyway. The ideas are drawn very heavily from Marvel Comics storylines from the late 1980s. This campaign ran slightly more than two years (100 or so sessions?).

GURPS Twilight Zone only ran four sessions, but could have gone on many more. The PCs were not individuals at all, they were tropes or templates who were different people in each adventure (ie: the old woman, the kid, the athlete, etc.). Each session was a separate story with different characters. Two were modern horror, one was a psi-powered/mad scientist parable, and one was an encounter with aliens on a trans-oceanic airplane.

GURPS Tunnels & Trolls was an experimental adventure which only ran three sessions. It started out as a standard DF-style fantasy (in 3e days), but as the adventure continued, the PCs started to realize that they couldn't trust their perceptions and might have hallucinated that whole dungeon quest.

Space Cops was my final GURPS campaign before switching to 4th edition. The system of five planets under a unified, TL9-10 government sans FTL has no army because it has no external enemies. Instead, it uses various police (space marines, feds, beat cops, etc.) to keep the peace. In the early days of a terrorist threat, the PCs inadvertantly stumble upon a very stealthy alien first contact and become the government's Alpha team for rooting out the alien threat while dealing with an increasingly violent terrorist movement.
This campaign only lasted about 8 or 12 sessions before my player base imploded for metagame reasons. It would not take long to translate my materials into GURPS 4e, and perhaps someday I will.

GURPS 1861 was a two-session adventure I used to playtest a magic variation that I found in Pyramid magazine. The PCs were essentially Men in Black employed by the Union government to prevent a necromantic preacher from swaying the Maryland government away from secession less than a week after the start of the American Civil War.

GURPS Onion was a two-session adventure I used to playtest a magic combination that I got from GURPS Thaumatology. The PCs were physically 18-year-old humans who had been created from pure magic less than 12 hours previously on a bowl-shaped world which was also about 12 hours old. They got into a magic-filled skirmish with sapient lions who concentrated on Light/Dark and Fire colleges.

Portal was thus far my only GURPS 4e campaign. It lasted about two years (about 80+ sessions). PCs were 50-point normals who happened to discover an interdimensional portal which would take them to numerous (but not infinite) other worlds. It was a sort of Collegio Januari before that wonderful supplement was published.
As the characters wandered through several worlds, they realized that an army of insect-people were attempting to conquer many of the same worlds they were visiting. In the end, it became a race against time to gather a multi-dimensional army, locate the insects' homeworld, and seal the portals before the entire multiverse fell to the insect armies.

My apologies for not having web-links for these. As soon as I establish a website of my own, I will link from here.
Current games
GM - G4e Drow War (Fantasy + Thaumatology)
GM - In Nomine: The Word (modified rules)
Player - G4e Sex Crossbows (Dungeon Fantasy)
Player - Deadlands
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I'm going to beg pardon on this once since I don't have links to a website/blog/whatever, since much of this is in development when I get a spare minute or otherwise learn to make GURPS 4e dance in ways that I hadn't imagined the day before (normally after reading one of the threads herein).

GURPS Earthdawn/Shadowrun
Exploration of each individual setting, but one that is primarily focused around two specific campaigns that explore the inter-relationship of the two settings:
  • GURPS Shadowrun Apocalypse. This explores a post-apocalyptic setting for Shadowrun in which magic has returned full-force in the late 21st century and the metaplanar "bridge" has opened up once again to allow the Horrors to manifest on Earth. Millions are dead at the hands of Horrors and their Constructs, with metahumanity retreating underground into ersatz "kaers" (magical constructs maintained by "power" rather than rituals/skill from Earthdawn). Adepts take a Powers-based approach as they struggle to acquire the "disciplines" of Earthdawn (Imbuements of various forms are used).
  • GURPS Swords of Wayland. Set in a more standard Shadowrun setting and inspired by the episodes of the same name from the Robin of Sherwood BBC (UK) series, the campaign focuses upon the "Swords of Wayland," or seven magical swords that are linked to hermetic elements of magic (but also including three other elements: Light, Darkness, and Will/Magic). The swords are, along with a "key" box, tied up with the Lesser Keys of Solomon myth and ultimately related to the Horrors once again. The campaign is designed (somehow, dang'nam'it) to be run simultaneously in both the Earthdawn and Shadowrun settings and exploring two ends of the story--the first (Earthdawn) about sealing magic away, and the second (Shadowrun) about preventing the wild rise of magic. (This could lead to the Shadowrun Apocalypse setting, of course.) I really wanted this one to run asynchronously in a Memento-esque fashion, but trying to work the kinks out on that one.

GURPS Rogue Trader
I know it's not particularly original, but I've been exploring a GURPS interpretation (but not conversion) of 40k RPG. While originally meant to be a toolkit approach to the setting, I've found just like with the officially produced RPGs that a thematic approach can be useful. Thus, once a custom magic/psyker system is produced (Powers of the Mind--tweaking, now), it's onto Servants of the Imperium, or a game focused around the Inquisition in a similar manner to Dark Heresy (but which provides a tad more information on how the Imperium and the Inquisition operate).

GURPS (3e) Anovia
A low fantasy setting that uses "psionic wizardry" (old 3e variation from Pyramid) set in an England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales of an Alternate Iron Age. The setup is basically pre-Roman IA tribes in a Deverry-esque (Katherine Kerr) conflation of "celtic" society, but one in which "elves" have been pushed to the brink of existence (evocative of Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy). The game was originally a 1-on-1 PbP that ended up winking out of existence as old friends lost contact, which is a shame since the initial explorations were rather interesting. Definite4ly something that I would like to come back to in the future.

And those are the major campaigns/adventure ideas that I have for the moment. There are, of course, numerous adventure/scenarios within the broader campaign, but I thought that I would post these to start with at least.

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I've run a number of games over the years. Here are the two that have web presence and (at least in theory) could continue again.

Aevalyn: My take on DF. I'd build the religion section before DF7, and haven't updated it to incorporate any of that book. This game is ongoing.

Njordlund: A lower powered fantasy game in a more thoroughly drawn out world. Currently on hiatus, but I would like to revisit the New Kingdoms again one of these days.
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