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Old 10-22-2009, 07:53 AM   #1
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Default [Psionic Powers] Modified Screaming

In Rev P Kitty's houserules adjust the cost of Static/Psi Static and for those of us (like myself) who use that rule, it should adjust the costs of the Screaming ability from GURPS Psionic Powers (by RPK also...)

First, his houserule...

Originally Posted by RPK's Houserules
(Psi) Static comes in two levels.
Resistible is no longer a limitation. Instead, it is the first level of Static, with a cost of 15 points. The normal advantage, as written, is the second level.
The rational for this is an interesting read also and can be found on his site. For convenience, this link will take you there.

So, how does that affect the cost of Screamer... well, instead of being as it is in the RAW:

Originally Posted by Psionic Powers (p25)
Statistics: Psi Static (Anti-Psi, -0%; Requires Concentrate, -15%; Requires Will Roll, -5%; Resistible, -50%) [9]. Further levels add Area Effect, one level at a time [+15/level].
It would now be:

Statistics: Static (Psi, Resistable) (Anti-Psi, -0%; Requires Concentrate, -15%; Requires Will Roll, -5%) [12]. Further levels add Area Effect, one level at a time [+7.5/level], rounding up after adding all the levels together.

I find it interesting that the initial buy-in increased but the further levels got less expensive. It seems to feel better also to include this houserule (thus my inclusion of it in my games).

Last edited by nerdvana; 10-22-2009 at 07:58 AM. Reason: added commentary after the new Statistics line
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Default Re: [Psionic Powers] Modified Screaming

I agree (er, obviously) -- I find the 12/+7.5 cost much more palatable and much more balanced than the current way. My house rules also bring the cost of Life Extension down to 3/+4, which is similarly more fair.

I've already got too many personal irons in the fire (giving MyGURPS an upgrade to PHP; making a PK-Houserules Dungeon Fantasy template GDF, etc.), but some day when I get 'em done, I'm going to make a Simple Psionic Powers GDF that includes both RAW and houseruled prices for those two abilities.
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