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Default Re: Dropped weapons with gadgets

Originally Posted by Rev. Pee Kitty View Post
Franklin is the Frag netrep, so one would expect him to be right, and he is. A dropped weapon card goes onto the playing field. A dropped gadget card is discarded. You should never have a Gadget or Special card underneath one of the numbered markers.

The Over/Under question is even specifically addressed in the Frag FAQ -- you discard Over/Under and the two weapons are now unlinked.

Whatever rules lawyer you harassed must have never read the FAQ. One of the things I try to do when running games as a MIB is to bring a printout of the FAQ with me -- I find it useful for situations like the ones mentioned here.
from the FAQ posted.
Q: When you discard over and under after a Frag, do the weapons stay linked?

A: No. Gadgets are discarded, so the two weapons seperate.

Q: If I use the Over/Under card with a Tranq Pistol and an Electromagnetic Gun, do I get the +5 to Accuaracy?

A: Yes. However it is very difficult to get, and will make you a very popular target.

neither says anything about dropped weapons. only discarded.
and I also have a copy on the FAQ with me at all times. so it is it your contention that dropped = discard?
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Default Re: Dropped weapons with gadgets

My interpretation: The part that states "Gadgets are discarded" is where the ruling comes from. If no gadgets can ever be dropped, it stands to reason that only weapons can be lying around, and therefore the Over/Under is discarded.
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