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Default Enchantment Scheme

2 Major Forms

Unlimited in scope, easy to enchant; but requires gaining the assistance of a being of the appropriate type.

  • Easiest to Enchant, (because finding a demon is EASY!) but at a high moral/personal price to the caster and users. Requires a Deed or Pact which is evil in nature.
  • The use is usually either temporary in nature, or brings a new equivalent problem. Use is sometimes addictive, and always tempting to use again.
  • See TV shows "Friday the 13th: The Series" or "Poltergeist: The Legacy"
  • E.g. A pendant and ring combination, the wearer of the ring is a "spring of life", and the wearer of the pendant "drinks" from the spring; usually at the cost of death to the donor; if the wearer is ill and the pendant doesn't cure them totally, the next attempt will require more life.

  • Easy to Enchant, but getting the assistance of an Angel is VERY difficult and must be persuaded of the worthiness, and two or more of Deed, Pact, Vow.
  • Users will eventually have an Angel show up to demand a service in payment. Service would be challenging both morally and skill-wise. Even if the user fails the test, ongoing supernatural abilities will almost certainly be terminated in a "safe" manner, with notice.
  • Any one-time grant via the item will not be rescinded, no matter what.

Mortal Enchantment
Usual type of enchantment, limited in scope, usually neutral in nature.
  • Slow and Sure. 1 FP/mage/day. No roll required at the end, mistakes are fixed as enchantment proceeds.
  • Medium. Faster, but some risk. Add the Magery of all enchanters together and put that amount of FP into the object per day. Make success roll at end, any failure gets a recovery roll. (Usually Thaumatology) A critical failure on the first roll means gives -5 to the recovery roll, AND the item will be Quirked. (You REALLY screwed up!) A critical success means you had a VERY close call, but everything is OK; a success means spending an additional 2d% time to correct the mistake (minimum 1 week); failure means totally failed enchantment (start over?), critical failure means materials are trashed. 2 critical failures means materials explode, and enchanters are injured. 1 HP injury potential per 256 FP in the present enchantment, or 1CP Disad or lost Advantages or lost Attributes per 512 FP.
  • Quick & Dirty. Fast, but very risky because of the speed of the enchantment you can't compensate for mistakes. (One roll.)
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