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Default Don't catch Eli in a bad mood

The Luggage (Living Artifact)
Djinn of Haagenti
Corporeal Forces-5 Strength 15 Agility 5
Ethereal Forces-1 Intelligence 2 Precision 2
Celestial Forces-2 Will 6 Perception 2

Songs: Numinous Corpus (Legs)/6 NC(Fangs)/6
Attunements: Devour

Artifact Features: Indestructible, Extradimensional capacity*

*This bit I had to make up, there doesn't seem to be a Canon way to make things bigger inside than outside.

This is a large wooden travelers trunk, bound in brass, and apparently unremarkable except that it looks rather archaic.

[EDIT] more hints in fnords This item is unique in that it bonds to the owner reciprocally. It will follow him faithfully, generating legs as needed, through any Plane and possibly even to Limbo. It will also defend his person with murderous ferocity, having a tendency to simply eat attackers. It also serves a luggage, having a seemingly infinite capacity for clothing and souvenirs. The clothing will always be clean, pressed and neatly folded when removed, and smell faintly of lavender

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Default Re: Don't catch Eli in a bad mood

Always good to see another Discworld fan on the boards. And this would explain a lot ...
“It's not railroading if you offer the PCs tickets and they stampede to the box office, waving their money. Metaphorically speaking”
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Default Re: Don't catch Eli in a bad mood

Well, Domains in the Marches (and dreamscapes) are often larger on the outside than the inside. Possibly the thing also has the Song of Correspondence (or whatever one opens portals) to a remote corporeal location like a cave and that's where the stuff is stored.
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