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Old 06-13-2009, 07:47 AM   #41
The Benj
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Default Re: "Save or Die" effects in GURPS.

Originally Posted by Langy View Post
How so? The Cosmic I was referring to was 'Irresistable Attack' on Basic page 103. Yeah, you can use active defenses - if they're applicable. Which is fine - though another Cosmic that makes Active Defenses impossible might be called for in some situations.
The point is this:
Irresistable Attack DOES NOT remove any Resistance Roll, it just means that no effects like Resistance count for it, it becomes a naked attribute roll.

That is why you fail.

Forever, apparently.

Where it up to me, I'd let you re-sit the exam next semester, but there you have it.
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Old 06-13-2009, 10:28 AM   #42
Phoenix_Dragon's Avatar
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Default Re: "Save or Die" effects in GURPS.

You could, however, take some 18 levels of the affliction, ensuring that nobody with a modified HT of 20 or less can survive it. But through an enhancement like Cosmic, no.
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Default Re: "Save or Die" effects in GURPS.

Originally Posted by Ragitsu View Post
Instead of trying to support the side that wants instant death effects, we have people saying they really aren't instant death. Funny, huh?
I see the following arguments on this thread more than people arguing against "instant death":
  • GURPS has an existing clear mechanism (and point cost, etc.) for "save-or-die" style instant death attacks, and
  • Many fictional and realistic instant death attacks held out as examples of the need for using "save-or-die" attacks can be modelled well in GURPS by standard damage attacks that do enough damage to kill the usual targets instantly rather than "save-or-die" attacks.
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