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Default GCA in German / Linux / Demo version


Are there any German translation packs available for the GCA? I remember that ages ago there have been such files for the GCA2, which was build for very old Windows versions. Did anyone create such packages for the GCA4 yet?

If not: how difficult is it to translate the files? I haven't bought the GCA4 yet and since there is no demo version available I can't take a look at the necessary files myself. And I certainly won't by it before I know if it will fit my needs. Would it be possible to release of a demo version, please? No one really likes to buy a pig in a poke. This is even more true when one doesn't use Windows, like me: I am using Linux exclusively, and therefore I can not decide if I can use the program. Paying money for something without knowing if you can use it isn't much fun.

Last but not least I am willing to offer help and my manpower to create a German translation. Anyone else interested in starting a translation project?
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Default Re: GCA in German / Linux / Demo version

alternatively you could take a look at the free programm 'Gurps Character Cheet' (GCS) which is written in Java and runs really good under linux.

compared to GCA it has some pro- and some con-sides, but overall its a really nice program that already includes a lot of stuff from different sourcebooks.
- it could need more development though (a german translation unfortunately does not exist but I think you could try on this...).

btw: if you try it, be aware that it uses a drag-and-drop-approach, not knowing this can cause some confusion ;)
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demo version, german tranlation, linux

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