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Default Blaster template bug report

Tried to create a supers character with the Blaster template. During the selection process I got the dialog box asking me to define the Innate attack skill for the character. It required I select 1 skill for 0 points. I wind up stuck at this point. All of the skills cost 8 points, and since we are selecting a template skill it won't let me reduce the cost of the skill to zero to meet the second criteria.

I'm not sure where I need to go to correct this error. But Armin needs to correct this with the next data file release.


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Default Re: Blaster template bug report

To correct it yourself you have to change the file "GURPS Supers 4e.gdf" with a texteditor, its located in your GCA directory under "data files". In line 1024 you should see
select5(text(Select an Innate Attack skill), itemswanted(1),
just append "pointswanted(8)," at the end of that line and save the file. so it looks like this:
select5(text(Select an Innate Attack skill), itemswanted(1), pointswanted(8),
After reloading the datafiles in GCA the template should work fine.
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