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Default Artifact question

Sorry for the long post, I just got to thinking about this. In the IN basic book, p. 41 seems to indicate that any angel can make a mundane item a corporeal artifact through an appropriate number of months of bonding and connection and the expenditure of cp. In the LR (Which I've had a chance to look at, but don't own), it says that creating Artifacts is only possible through the Enchantment skill, which allows the creation of Artifacts, Talismans, and/or Relics/reliquaries after months of work and an appropriate expenditure of Essence and cp, or you can create talismans or relics with the appropriate Choir attunement from Eli. Do the LR rules supersede the basic book, or is it a case where the simple "know where the item is feature" can be imbued in an object by any celestial by long and meaningful association (CP and game time), but adding fancy features use restrictions or all that nifty stuff in the LR is advanced, and requires the appropriate skill and/or attunement?
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Default Re: Artifact question

You do have a way of bringing up curious questions, don't you?

As I read the main rulebook (which for me is the first printing), pg. 42 says " turn an ordinary item into a (corporeal) artifact, the owner must spend a great deal of time with it, either making it, or attuning or 'bonding' to it by use." It then goes on to say corporeal artifacts can only come from a Superior or the object's owner.

That said, I don't think it's necessarily incompatible with L. Reliquarium. In that book, you first have to have the corporeal object and then can spend a week or more "bonding" with it -- but that bond requires at least one level of Enchantment skill to make it stick.

So to rationalize things ... yes, an owner can spend a lot of time making an object or bonding himself to it in order to turn it into an artifact, but he has to know how to do it *right*.

(Stepping outside the game-world for a second: yes, the basic artifact rules in the main rulebook were probably crafted before the Enchantment skill was ever dreamed of. In that sense, L.R. likely does supersede the original intent. You'd probably have to invoke the Archangel of Archives or one of her more experienced Servitors to be sure, though. <grin>)

EDIT: In fact, L.R. *does* supersede the basic set wherever there's a conflict -- it explicitly says so.
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Default Re: Artifact question

I think, though, that for the case of a basic corporeal artifact with no additional features, I would allow the core description to stand--a staple of literature and film is the pairing of a hero and his (or her) main device, anywhere from lightsaber to whip to car to carrot. The Enchantment skill is more for intentional creation of effects, not a general over-time bonding experience.
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artifacts, rules

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