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Default Wandering Monster How To

My husband and I are playing munchkin quest and are very new to the game. Currently, my husband is a level 10 and I am a 9, I am trying to knock him down a few levels and decided to use a wandering monster card during his battle. However, we are unsure of how to proceed. There are no standies currently available... Does this mean the card can't be used or does it mean that we have to eliminate another monster or does the card just get acquired by the original monster and they move together? If the wandering monster does go in a standie, who rules for ownership and what color standie would he be placed in?

We have been able to find no information about how to use this card properly and are at quite a stand point, as we both have differing opinions. Clarification on all aspects of using this card would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Wandering Monster How To

You first have two choices with respect to how to use the card, one being to add a new Monster, the other to move one already in the Dungeon, correct? However, you are wondering about adding a new one, so you follow all the rules you would normally follow when adding a new Monster to the dungeon when you explore: Roll the Monster die to determine ownership. If that player has no free bases, choose another player, or, if there are no free bases at all, remove the highest level Monster from the dungeon (except the Boss Monster, if this is the final battle at the Entrance) and use its base.

For reference, the cardboard cutouts of the Monsters are the standies, and the plastic things they go into are called bases. Every Monster standie should be in a base, and you should only be using bases that are associated with active players.
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