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Old 10-16-2008, 04:59 AM   #1
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Default Combat house rules suggestion

Regarding In Nomine (not the GURPS variant) rules, they say that celestial movement is an action, which then prohibits other actions, such as attacking. As read, that would strike me that any celestial combat could be broken by any character simply stepping out of the other character's (if we're speaking of 1-on-1 combat) attack range. The other character would have to move in, thus forfeiting his attack. And it seems like that works no matter what the speed of characters (as long as the first one can move out of second one's range).

So it seems that combat, RAW, breaks down unless the stronger character has some kind of stunning Song. It devolves into:
Char1: steps out of attack range of char2
Char2: steps into attack range, cannot attack
Char1: steps out of attack range
Char2: steps into attack range nauseam....

Is this correct reading, and I'm just expecting a standard "move and attack" kind of maneuvre, or there's a flaw in rules? If it's correct, how have you solved the problem of stepping out and forcing the combat into a dead end?
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Default Re: Combat house rules suggestion

This bothers me too. Celestial combat comes up fairly rarely, but whnen it does I mostly either ignore this completely, allowing both attacking and moving on the same turn, or otherwise handwave the combat (because Celestial combat is super dull).
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