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Default Help with a new DR enhancement

One of my players is on the verge of gaining 'Powers', he's gotten hit by a meteor and survived; with the meteor still embedded and fused with his flesh, he's gaining DR.
On top of that however, he wants the ability to store and release 'kinetic energy' that hits his DR, in the form of enhancing his own punches, jumps, lifts, etc.
Looking at Absorption (B.46), the power to shift damage into CP to spend on temporary trait boosts is a +100% modifier (for any trait) and +80% (single trait determined).
Here's my idea so far:
Every one damage absorbed by DR, one damage is added to your battery, capacity determined by DR. That damage can then be 'spent' to add to your own damage rolls. | Damage can also be spent on 'quick' physical activities under the GM's discretion, but be wary; if you spend damage to lift a boulder you'd better save damage to spend for throwing it, or to spend some to continue holding it without being crushed! | Unconsciousness, any form of stunning, paralysis, hypnosis, drugs, or tickling; or anything else under the GM's discretion that might cause muscles to relax or spasm without your control, removes all damage stored in your battery.
Statements cut between |'s can be variables the enhancement. I called it 'damage' to make it simple, but a better word might be 'force', which can translate to +1 damage when necessary.
What do you guys think? I can always wing it and just say +100%, but that sounds like no fun.
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Kelly Pedersen
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Default Re: Help with a new DR enhancement

I'd suggest taking a look at Rev. Pee Kitty's house rules on Absorption. I think it will do what you want. One note: to add a point of damage to an attack, you'll generally want to add either 1 (for swing-damage attacks) or 2 (for thrust-damage) levels of Striking ST, for 5 or 10 character points. If you check the damage table, that's the amount of ST you need to add to increase damage by 1 point.
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Default Re: Help with a new DR enhancement

I would actually consider calling this some form of Reflection.
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Default Re: Help with a new DR enhancement

Thanks, I don't like either ruling to be honest, I'm trying to make it easier for both me and my players by keeping it more flexible and with a flat +1 damage per 'force'. I also want there to be more risk in him holding onto this kinetic energy, and the chance of missing or failing after unleashing it.

As for Reflection, my player wants to hold onto the energy and unleash it within his own attacks, there was a point where we both considered a reflective DR for his Super, until he liked the idea of using the energy he received to enhance his own physical actions.

Any input or additional comments on what I've written would be appreciated, I'm hovering between +50-100% for the final enhancement.

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absorption, damage resistance

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