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Old 12-26-2016, 08:49 AM   #721
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Default Re: Munchkin on a battle mat

Originally Posted by kingkyler View Post
From all the research ive done and work ive put in, i want to know one thing.
Am i the only one the plays munchkin on a battle mat and like to come up with fun and interesting rules for it?
Well, the new playmats kindof qualify as battle mats. What kind of rules have you come up with for your battle mat?
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Default Re: Member House Rules

We have made grid paper and draw our own maps. We like to put different colored xs and each one represents either a monster, trap, loot, or coin. Plus alot more. We use the cards but everything else is different.
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Old 12-26-2016, 06:33 PM   #723
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Default Re: Epic munchkin house rules

Erickdoe- we have dabbled in this problem too. We use a die (doesn't matter which one) and use for a multiplier. And the good thing is you can determine what means what.
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Old 01-03-2017, 09:07 PM   #724
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Default Re: Team Munchkin

Originally Posted by floats09 View Post
I looked for threads regarding this and was surprised nobody has asked this.

Any suggestions for playing Team Munchkin?

We had 4 people, so 2 teams of was fun at first because you share the treasures and what not, but as soon as the players are around level 6ish, it becomes almost impossible to stop them... Both teams were just hoping to pull monsters from the deck to beat.

A few possibilities.

A. All monster levels are doubled
B. Maybe the Epic Munchkin rules where you have to draw 2 face-up door cards on turn
C. Don't play Team Munchkin. ;)
I came up with some Team Munchkin rules. I only came up with them very recently. It's kinda sloppy but I think it's understandable. Like I said, I devised this very recently; so please reply to this if you feel it needs rebalancing. I haven't even tested this out.

Team Munchkin Special Rules:
Max players, 8. Max teams, 4. Max players per team, 3.

Each player gets 3 of each card, the player clockwise to the dealer begins the game.

Turn phases:
0 Listen at the Door:
Before doing anything else this turn, you may listen at the door, draw a face-down door card which you may play or not. Then arrange cards and proceed normally.

1 Knock Down Door:
One of the players on the team knocks down the door, whoever does this takes the curse if there is one; if it is a monster, it’s level gains a bonus equal to the level of the highest-level player on a team.

2 Loot the Room and Look for Trouble:
The player that didn’t act already may Loot the Room or Look for Trouble. Instead of drawing a face-down door card for Looting the Room, draw a face-down treasure card.

3 Search another Dungeon:
If you didn’t look for trouble previously, skip this phase; if else, have a team member draw another door card. Unlike knocking down the door, you decide who will fight the monster after it is drawn. If it is a monster, fight it. (Only the players who initially kicked down the door go up levels.) If it is a curse, it applies to the munchkin(s) who got it and your turn immediately goes to charity. If it is anything else, the turn immediately goes to charity. (You may search another dungeon if all of your team members have abandoned you.)

4 Charity:
A team may have a maximum of 6 cards in their hands at once. If they have more than 6 cards, they must give the excess cards to the team with the lowest highest-leveled player. If your team has this, then just discard the excess.

In Hand:
Cards in hand may be shared between team members. (Keep in mind, they still may not be traded between foes from your hand, you still must only trade via the table!)

In Play:
Cards in play still may not be returned to your hand, but you may let team members borrow (which slightly alter the rules of putting an item back into your hand), take, or trade items.

When a team member is borrowing an item, they put it in their hand; they, however, may not put this item into play, they may only give it back to the player who gave it to them to borrow; it is now the borrowees choice whether it goes back into his hand or back into play. You may only give one item to borrow per turn, and the Munchkin you give it to may only hold one of your Munchkin’s items unless he/she is a Dwarf.

When a team member takes an item, it goes immediately into play. Each team member may only take one item per turn and give one item per turn.

Trading is just what it sounds like, although you may trade from your hands, if you want.

Both players in a team may fight a monster together if they want to, only the players fighting gain levels (you must decide if you are both fighting the monster before the door is kicked down, otherwise; you both are fighting the monster by default); when Munchkins search another dungeon and find a monster, only the Munchkins that initially kicked down the door go up levels. Monsters that say “2 Lvls” still only grant 1 level.

Running Away:
If you must run away from a monster, only the players fighting must run away. If two players are fighting, then either both of them must run away, or you can sacrifice one player for the other’s immediate escape. Players that fail running away must suffer bad stuff.

For a team to win, both players must reach level 10.

If a munchkin dies, instead of other munchkins looting the body, his/her partner(s) do. When the Munchkin that died comes to, he/she does what a usual dead Munchkin would do.

Treachery and Return-Treachery:
When a munchkin is in a dungeon with a team member and one escapes whilst the other suffers the bad stuff, this is considered Treachery. When a player commits treachery, the player that suffered the treachery is obligated to take a card from the treacherer, this is Return-Treachery, unlike regular treachery, this may not be countered with a return.

Switching Teams:
Players are obligated to switch teams, but only after one full turn-cycle has been made. It is completely legal to bribe players to join your team. (It’s Munchkin, why wouldn’t it?!)

When a player is switching teams, he/she may roll the die, if it lands a 6, the player from his/her previous team of his/her choice goes down a level.

Epic Team Munchkins:
Do not be confused, this is not exactly like being an Epic Munchkin, think of it more like an Epic Team-Munchkin. You become an Epic Team-Munchkin when you reach level 10. At this point you do not go up levels from defeating monsters, playing “Go Up a Level” cards, or any other method. When somebody on your team becomes Team Epic, they may only go down levels via curses and anything else that’s not monster-related. If a munchkin is Team Epic, they may not Listen at the Door. Epic Steeds exist. Epic Class and Race bonuses exist.
This is a bit redundant, but everyone on a team must be Team Epic before winning the game.

If you feel edits are necessary, click the link above and comment on my work.

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Old 05-24-2017, 11:33 PM   #725
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Default Re: Member House Rules

1. When a Munchkin is in combat, he may not voluntarily change his race, class, faction, etc. for any reason (like trying to avoid penalties during combat). If a Munchkin is hit with a curse, he may not discard any active race/class/faction/etc. to avoid the curse.

2. Kneepads of Allure are used as a one-shot.

3. We do not turn inventory cards sideways. Instead, we each have a top row of cards for equipped items, hirelings/steeds, and race/class/faction/etc. cards. Then we each have another row of cards (just below the other) for inventory items.

4. Any card like Big Joe (which can switch between Hireling and Steed) cannot swap to avoid a curse card. For example, "kill the hireling" kills Big Joe if he is a hireling when it is played. He cannot swap over to a Steed to avoid the curse. The card that requires the low die rollers Steed to be eaten by the party, would kill off Big Joe as well. He cannot swap to hireling to avoid being eaten.
This is consistent with rule 1 above. When any curse/combat event occurs, Minchkins are locked in to their current status until the event is resolved.
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Old 06-23-2017, 12:30 AM   #726
Crimson Kartoffel
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Default Re: Member House Rules

We play with three/four of each class and race in the deck. We don't play with "holding" cards. Up until recently, we could have as many cards in our hands as we wanted. This changed with too many "dog pile" endings. We can now hold 7 cards (8 if you are a dwarf.) We took out a couple of "lose your best item" curses from the deck.
Im still working on a pvp munchkin way to play. Like, literally munchkin fighting with munchkin. Thinking that will have to do with zombie cards or wandering monster cards.
Edit: And now I am incorporating using super munchkin/ half breeds with two cards of a single race/class. For instance, a warrior+warrior can discard twice as many times to a total of +6. Unfortunately, the dwarf and centaurbl are getting the short end of the stick. We are fixing that by having double dwarves hold another card in their hand and centaurs can wear another pair of shoes.

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Old 06-23-2017, 12:57 AM   #727
Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by boston1322 View Post
If a Munchkin is hit with a curse, he may not discard any active race/class/faction/etc. to avoid the curse.


Any card like Big Joe (which can switch between Hireling and Steed) cannot swap to avoid a curse card. For example, "kill the hireling" kills Big Joe if he is a hireling when it is played. He cannot swap over to a Steed to avoid the curse.
This isn't a house rule; it's the actual rule. When a Curse is played, you have to resolve the Curse as your character currently stands (unless you are able to play a Wishing Ring or have some other card that explicitly lets you dodge a Curse).
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Old 06-29-2017, 12:06 PM   #728
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Default Re: Member House Rules

I believe, if I ever play a blended deck with NBC, I'm going to make the Rides equivalent to Steeds/Vehicles rather than Allies/Hirelings/etc like the rules say. I get that USAopoly has no Steeds, but I sure do. And they're door cards like the majority of Steeds! Probably going to keep the Marvel 2: Hell Cycle as footwear even though I'd rather it be a Steed or Vehicle too.
Here is the thread discussing the spreadsheet I use to categorize cards, analyze the card-type ratios and other metrics from blended decks, and compare the resulting blended deck to retail decks.
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Old 07-08-2017, 05:01 PM   #729
Crimson Kartoffel
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Does anyone have a good method for allowing people to pick race at the beginning of the game?
I'm going to try allowing each person to discard one or two cards from their starting hand to draw a random race. (Before they can see their cards, of course.)
I also wanted to ask if anyone has an idea for a "shop."
Me and my brother are going to try a concept.
When an item is sold, it goes into a separate discard pile known as the shop. Players may then trade in items of equal or greater value to buy an item from the shop. This allows us to regain items that were sold when no one could use them. I can't tell you how many times we have gotten the short wide armor and had to sell it because none of us were a dwarf.
Items that were used, like potions, go into the normal discards.
This also helps punish players who hoard items and sell to get right up to winning range, as anyone can buy what they sold and use it against them.
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Old 07-10-2017, 03:02 PM   #730
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Been kicking around an idea for a Dungeon Board, because we never really play with Dungeons. Each square from 2 to 9 is big enough for a Dungeon card to be placed on it face down, and as the first player to reach each level settles there, the dungeon card is flipped and the effects take place for anyone on that level from there onwards, starting from the beginning of their next turn. They can escape the effects by skipping levels by playing GUAL cards, etc. It's a bit buggy and some Dungeons don't translate well to this, but it's bringing the cards into play at least. Part of the fun for me is adapting the game.
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