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Moe Lane
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Default Songs of Animation (Dark Humor, The Sword)
Songs of Animation (Dark Humor, The Sword)

These Songs were either liberated from the Sword, or perverted by Dark Humor, depending on who you talk to. The former had used these Songs sparingly, in the course of miracles; the latter find them amusing, not least that you can use the Corporeal and Ethereal Songs to drive a mortal insane, then use the Celestial Song to bring him back for more torment. Needless to say, letting a Laurentine know that you know these Songs is rarely a good idea.
Interestingly, Beleth does not have access to these Songs, although it's clear that she would find them useful. Possibly Laurence is better at containing the leak than he was at preventing it.

Corporeal - This Song will animate up to 10lbs of a physical substance for 1 hour; the material will become roughly anthropomorphic, exhibiting at the least legs, and usually arms. The material is not really alive, but will follow up to CD commands given by the caster at the time of the Song being sung. If used to attack, the item will typically have Power -2, rolls against (Song level + CD), and will be dispersed by CD Body Hits.

Ethereal - Use of this Song will permit the caster to take control of any one dream figment and strengthen it for a time. The caster has a pool equal to that of the CD of a successful roll: he may boost a dream figment's characteristics by 1 for each point in his pool (maximum 12). The caster may also give the dream figment one command, which the figment will follow for the Song's duration. Should the figment receive enough points in Will and/or Perception to simulate a Celestial Force, it may become autonomous upon the Song's ending. In that case, the original command is no longer compulsory, although it may still be followed anyway.

Celestial - A successful use of this Song will immediately revive a character from unconsciousness or depression (although it does not heal either Mind or Body Hits). It will also instantly disrupt a successful Balseraphic resonance, although doing so will not cause the Balseraph dissonance.

Bonus: Dark Humor, Nightmares
Range: LOS
Duration: 1 hour
Essence Requirement: 3
Extra Degree of Disturbance: 2
Moe Lane

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Moe (Warning: contains politics)
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Archangel Beth
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Default Re: Songs of Animation (Dark Humor, The Sword)

*points* ANIMS!

Shamelessly adding Superiors: Lilith and her fiction page to her .sig (the latter is not precisely gaming related)
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