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Old 02-08-2008, 03:00 PM   #31
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Default Re: GURPS LOTR Magic

Originally Posted by Gavynn
Egad! Cinematic Middle-earth by default? Not for me, but YMMV of course.
Well, maybe it's just a misunderstanding. I didn't mean "cinematic" as "hollywood-style", "wu-xia" or "four colors", but...
Originally Posted by Basic Set, p.488
The "cinematic" campaign is one where realism doesn't rule - because if it did, it would costantly get in the way of the story.
That happens a lot in LotR. It's meant to be a myth, you know, and realism was surely not a priority for Tolkien. In a realistic LotR game, Frodo would die far ahead even reaching Rivendell.
IMHO, of course [^_°]
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Default Re: GURPS LOTR Magic

IMHO I think that the power of words like Elbereth, Eärendil, etc.... are best represented giving the "races of Darkness" disadvantages like phobia(the names of heroes of light).

And the question about the songs being Bardic magic, maybe they are magery(you can never cast silently) and the spells seems like songs.

Sorry if my grammar its bad.

En mi humilde opinion, creo que el poder de palabras como Elbereth, Eärendil, etc... se representan mejor dando a las "razas de la oscuridad" desventajas como Fobia ( los nombres de los heroes de la luz)

Y la cuestion sobre si las canciones son magia de Bardo, tal vez sea magery (nunca puedes lanzar magia en silencio) y los hechizos parezcan canciones

Mis disculpas si mi gramatica es mala.
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Default Re: GURPS LOTR Magic

Originally Posted by Gavynn
There was a lot of magical craziness in MERP. Anything and everything was a magical item of some kind. While I have a soft spot for it and have used it as a resource, there is so much that needs to be stripped out of it. In many ways, it was "D&D in Middle-earth".
It does have a few concepts in it that 'fit' the general pattern of the stories. For example, some of the magic items in the MERP game are 'power point multipliers', that is, they multiply a characters 'native' magical potential by an integer. So if your character 'naturally' has 20 magic points, with a x3 magic item he'll have 60 points to 'spend' on magic.

This fits ME because of concepts like 'the Rings grant power in accordance to stature'. The stronger you naturally are, the more you can generally do with one of the Rings. So if you have the One Ring and can master it, (a x18 item IIRC), you gain more power the more powerful you are. Thus a 10 magic point character would have 180 points with the One Ring, while a 1000 point character would have 18000 magic points with the One Ring.
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fantasy, magic

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