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Default Skipping actions in Crime Lords

Have a question on rules interpretation in Crime Lords. The pdf of the rules is at

Under "Actions", on page 7 of the pdf, it says "A player may elect to take no actions and collect an extra 10 Gs instead, along with anything he earns from his rackets". The words "along with" could mean "at the same time", which would place this during step 1 of the turn, collecting income.

But, in the rules summary on page 16, "passing" is listed under "actions", and the top of the page makes it clear that actions are step 4 of the turn.

One argument against the first interpretation is that "along with" does not necessarily mean "at the same time", it could just mean "in addition to". One argument against the second interpretation is that this means "taking no actions" is a type of "action", which sounds a bit weird when you put it that way.

Anyone have opinions on this?
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Default Re: Skipping actions in Crime Lords

Sure - you are using the Action phase of your turn to take zero actions, and you get 10 G's for doing so.
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Default Re: Skipping actions in Crime Lords

Nice to see Crime Lords mentioned

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