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Default Error in Signature Gear

I have an issue when a player assigns points to the Advantage 'Signature Gear' I am getting an error; "ST:Signature Gear < 0"
This appears when any value of points are entered.
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Default Re: Error in Signature Gear

Do you mean that you're seeing the warning for a broken Taboo, such as what you see in the edit dialog or when doing a needs check?

The warning, or the ! icon in the trait list, means you have the _Advantage: Signature Gear modifier applied to one or more pieces of gear, which in total value is exceeding the cost value for Signature Gear that you've paid points for with the Signature Gear advantage. For example, if you put the modifier on an Air Car, that will be pretty hard to cover.

The quickest way to look for what items have the modifier if you have a lot of equipment is to look for (Signature Gear) appended to Equipment in the Quick View, to see what items are marked with it. (The default Quick View sheet will show that, some other sheets may not. Different print sheets may or not display the modifiers attached as well.)
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