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Default Leliel, Angel of Release Through Nightmares

Full write-up and stats on Attercap.Net. Leliel skirts the edges of Beleth's domain while in service to Blandine--but with specific purpose.

Leliel was amongst the Fallen Beleth's first demons and eventually became the Demon of Night Terrors. They were a powerful Habbalite who, for the longest time, believed those who too weak to not escape their nightmares deserved to have their dreams follow them into the waking world. As the Demon of Night Terrors, once in a dream sphere, Leliel could cast illusions that the dreamer would see even while awake.

Hundreds of years passed and the Punisher began to notice that, eventually, almost all those with night terrors began to outgrow them, to learn from them. The fraility of their psyches healed. Leliel's punishments were merely a passing phase. The demon began to become detached from their Word and Discordant; apathetic about all the works of the Horde. Eventually they made the choice to seek asylumn with Blandine.

Leliel spent time with the angels of Dreams—in an non-antagonistic environment, for a change—and began to see the healing power of dreams. The reformed Habbalite's knowledge of nightmares suggested that even time in the shadow of Beleth's tower could have merit and healing properties. After decades of working with the angels, Blandine had stripped Leliel's Discords away and the once Punisher became an Elohite. The Power rose in Blandine's favor and, in a short two centuries, became Word-bound again as the Angel of Release Through Nightmares.

The angel's puts their knowledge of the Marches to powerful use, using a dreamer's nightmares to help them release tensions and fears, before guiding them back to the light of Blandine's tower. Few other angels, even those redeemed, would be allowed such leeway with the dreams of another, but Leliel has gained the Archangel of Dreams's complete trust.
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