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Default MW: Smallville chart generator?

I'm testing out MW: relationship chart generator for plotting my Fate Core Supers game. Anyone have a suggestion for a free/cheap digital tool/app that could handle creating the various elements and links between them, and being able to move things around as needed?
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Default Re: MW: Smallville chart generator?

Graphviz can do it well, if you're willing to write the graph elements in a pretty simple descriptive language called DOT.
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Default Re: MW: Smallville chart generator?

Graphviz is great if you don't mind automatic placement and routeing - here's one I put together a few years ago.

However, tweaking locations of elements is a complete pain. The two alternatives I've found are plain old inkscape (very hard work) and the diagram editor dia, which I'm using for Pendragon family trees:


In that it's possible to attach the end of a line to an object, so that when you drag the object the line moves with it.

I've also got some basic perl code for turning a series of nodes and connections into a dia file, with the attachments already in place. That was what I used for

though the output scaling wasn't ideal.
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Default Re: MW: Smallville chart generator?

LibreOffice Draw is probably worth a mention. It's that suite's version of Visio. So, you can draw boxes easily, and it has automatically routing connectors to link them with arrows or lines that stay attached as you drag the boxes around. (So, it's not like Inkscape, which is the freeware version of a program like Corel Draw. LibreOffice calls their tool "Draw", but it's more linked-boxes oriented than Inkscape, despite the name.) I haven't used Draw a lot -- but I have used Visio quite a lot, and it's usually pretty easy to create a diagram with it.

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