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Old 11-30-2017, 10:01 PM   #1
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Default Is there a downloadable list of UPC /Barcodes available for ALL Munchkin products?

I have a room-mate that is a Munchkin addict, and i have been feeding his addiction over the years at Birthdays and Christmas's with new stuff, but it's getting a bit confusing if i have/haven't purchased a specific booster or set of something before and i'd rather not duplicate things if i can avoid it...

at my FLGS I've seen a listing that their distributor puts out with all the other comics, t-shirts and other stuff they shipped in that weeks shipment, but the list is never a historical, COMPLETE listing, it's JUST the ones the distributor has at the moment; which are inevitably the ones that just got released, and a few of the more popular releases that are still selling good enough to list them.

i have tried searching the forums here and other places for what i'm looking for, but apparently my Google-Fu is weak... i can't find anything like it...

so, does anyone know of a COMPLETE list, not just the currently-in-stores list of Munchkin products with it's associated part number, or barcode number, sku number, or whatever unique identifying information, etc, etc...? that i can use to keep track of what he already has, and what i need to be on the look out for? for example:

Munchkin Apocalypse 2: Sheep Impact: #1535, bar-code: 837654322826
Truly Gobnoxious: SJG4424, bar-code: 091037863256

it doesn't have to be all fancy formatting and artworked up, heck a plain text listing would be awesome for me to check off. i would like things like level counters, and all the actual card game things, but i am not too worried if things like t-shirts and things that don't get played with are, or aren't on there, but hey, for completeness sake, if it's on the list i won't complain :D

Thanks in advance
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Old 12-01-2017, 02:01 AM   #2
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Default Re: Is there a downloadable list of UPC /Barcodes available for ALL Munchkin products

Colbosch has posted his personal listing of the games, boosters, cards, bookmarks, dice and other accessories. Really nicely done and can be found under the "list of all promo cards" pg. 35.
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Default Re: Is there a downloadable list of UPC /Barcodes available for ALL Munchkin products

It is the most complete listing that I believe exists for Munchkin products, promos, and so on. It is my personal checklist, so I don't allow edits, but feel free to copy it or whatever.

(Also, it allows me to brag about my collection. Shhh.)
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