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Old 11-20-2017, 01:11 AM   #11
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Default Re: DF Magical Styles - about Energy Orbs

Originally Posted by roguebfl View Post
They are the same thing just one is elaborating on the detail of "when is fatigue cost for missiles spells applied"
Yes, exactly.

Because the FP isn't actually spent until the final second that you roll for the spell hence closing off further opportunity to further pump the missile, the FP reduction from high skill is only applied once to the total FP cost of the missle spell, and not applied to each second up building the missile.
That's actually false by RAW (bolding is mine):

Originally Posted by Magic, pg 12
To cast a Missile spell, you must concentrate for one second. At the end of your turn, roll against your skill with the spell. There is no modifier for distance – you are creating a magical missile in your hand. On a success, you may invest one or more points of energy in the spell, to a maximum of a number of energy points equal to your Magery level. The missile then appears in your hand, “charged” to the desired level.
Feel free to steal, borrow, fold, spindle, mutilate any rule, advantage, etc I come up with it.
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Default Re: DF Magical Styles - about Energy Orbs

So, let's recap what's probably, exact phrasings aside, the intent of the rules:
- normal missile spells get cost reductions for the initial casting, on the first turn of making the missile which is also when you roll skill.
- normal missile spells get no cost reductions for the two optional "enlarge" turns.
- Energy Orbs do not get any cost reductions.
That look about right?
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