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Default Trouble with Double Trouble Dungeon

In a recent dungeon crawl, my party found itself in the Dungeon of Double Trouble, one of the first times since acquiring the dungeon expansions. In our short visit there, we managed to discover four questions.
  1. When the door is kicked down discovering a monster, a Twin appears. One Munchkin attempted to discard cards to change the dungeon without a portal in an attempt to avoid fighting two monsters. Discussions halted combat and the monsters stood there scratching their heads as we debated if this exit strategy would in fact cause the Twin to disappear leaving the Munchkin to fight only the original monster.

  2. When a gnome summons an illusion, the phrasing of the card indicates that the illusion is added to the gnomes level, not the combat strength. Due to the effect of the dungeon, munchkin levels are doubled. Does the effect of the illusion get doubled as well?

    Say a 5th level gnome with no other combat bonuses encounters a 7th level monster when kicking open the door and *POOF* a Twin 7th level monster appears as well. The gnome's doubled level of 10 isn't enough to defeat the monsters' combined level of 14, so the gnome casts an illusion of a 3rd level monster from his hand. Since the wording states the illusion is added to the gnome's level and the dungeon doubles player levels, is the gnome's new score a 13 or a 16?

  3. The inclusion of the word "however" for the doubling of players' levels made some munchkins think that it is part of the effect from kicking down the door, and levels should not be doubled when going looking for trouble. Would this be correct?

  4. When kicking down the door, do cards that refer to other players' levels see them as doubled? For example, would the Munchkinomicon card United I Stand double the levels being added to the munchkin who cast the spell?
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