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Default Re: Looking for an odd rule

Given all of this: Hiking, but with HT-based Musical Instrument instead of Hiking seems to work pretty well.

Some close friends of mine are a fairly successful jazz trio and they, like the working jazz musicians they are, often are asked to play very long sets, and ISTR they say about three hours is when they usually need a break, which is consistent with all the above as well.
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Default Re: Looking for an odd rule

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post
30 minutes generally recovers 3 FP so 1 FP per hour of playing?
That lines up with the general rule in Powers on page 159, boxed text on "Abilities and Exertion" paragraph about long-term use, which is where my mind went instead of hiking when I read the original post. Marching band on a hot day in a stuffy uniform with a tuba would be a different story, though.
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Default Re: Looking for an odd rule

Note that three hours is the amount of time spent on stage/in the pit, not the amount of time spent actually playing. Periods of continuous play are rarely more than a few minutes.
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