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Default [Incantation Magic] Path of Healing -- critique needed

My friendly neighborhood GM asked me to put together an incantation path for healers for our non-DF game. Transfiguration is supposed to stay a separate thing, and Destroy effects should not be able to damage subjects, so I came up with this, and I would like some comments:

Aspect: The restorative processes and immune systems of living organisms.

This path cannot affect things and beings that don't heal normally, like golems and undead.
Sense Healing: Determine patient status; mimic the Body-Reading spell.
Strengthen Healing: Restore 1d* HP or 1d* FP; give +2* to rolls to recover from illness, poison, or injury; grant (Very) Fit, (Very) Rapid Healing, or Recovery; heal a crippling injury.
Restore Healing: Repair damaged immune system; remove Unfit.
Control Healing: Stop bleeding; awaken an unconscious target; neutralize a poisoning; cure illness or relieve it's symptoms.
Destroy Healing: Give -2* to rolls to recover from illness, poison, or injury; disable (Very) Fit, (Very) Rapid Healing, Recovery, Regeneration, Regrowth, or Resistant or Immunity to a metabolic hazard; grant Unfit, Unhealing, or Wounded.
Create Healing: Disable Unhealing, if somehow gained.
Transform Healing: Heal unhealable wounds (like a lost limb), poisoning, or disease; grant Regeneration or Regrowth; relieve an addiction; remove healing marks (like scars).
Sample spells:
Healing Words
Spell Effects: Strengthen Healing
Inherent Modifiers: Bestows a Penalty, Damage (healing)
Skill Penalty: Path of Healing-2
Casting Time: 5 minutes.
Restores 4d HP to a target (who must be within 2 yards, and weigh no more than 300 lbs.). Unconscious or unwilling targets resist at -4.
Typical Casting: Strengthen Healing (3) + Bestows a Penalty to resist, -4 (8) + Damage (healing) 4d (12) + Subject Weight, 300 lbs (3). 26 SP.

Phoenix Down
Spell Effects: Strengthen Healing, Control Healing x2
Inherent Modifiers: Bestows a Penalty, Damage (healing)
Skill Penalty: Path of Healing-4
Casting Time: 30 minutes.
An infusion that stabilizes a mortally wounded creature, heals it for 4d HP, and awakens it, if at a positive HP total. The subject resists at -5.
Typical Casting: Control Healing (stabilize a mortal wound) (5) + Control Healing (awaken) (5) + Strengthen Healing (3) + Damage (healing), 4d (12) + Infusion (6) + Subject Weight, 300 lbs., (3) + Bestows a Penalty to resist, -5 (12). 46 SP.

Does it seem alright? Am I missing something? To be fair, 5 SP for stabilizing a mortal wound feels cheap.
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