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Default Pricing of Unarmed Master and Enhanced Time Sense

I understand that the limitations on DFRPG Advantages are kept under the hood so (for example) Chi based Advantages show a cost reflecting the Chi limitation without explicitly showing the -10% limit. However, I can't figure out the cost for Unarmed Master. It looks like Crushing Striker with the limb limitation bought for each limb. So that's a base 5 points per limb, -30% (-10% Chi, -20% Limb) so 4 points rounding up. That's 16 for two arms and two legs. Even if you add in the head for head butts that's 20. How does the total get to 25?

The Enhanced Time Sense for Swashbucklers seems to have a similar problem. The cost for full Enhanced Time Sense is 45 points but the version for the Swashbuckler seems to be Combat Only and should take a -20% limitation for a cost of 36 points.
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Default Re: Pricing of Unarmed Master and Enhanced Time Sense

I would ask these kinds of questions in the main GURPS forum.
Seems more in the spirit of this thread and some builds can get pretty tricky and have more then one idea on how to arrive at the numbers.
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Default Re: Pricing of Unarmed Master and Enhanced Time Sense

Since it's supposed to be under the hood and I'm not going to spam GURPS stats here:
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