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Default Padzahr versus Goblin Hood effect...

In the last game of munchkin my group played, we decided to play the pathfinder version of the game. Everything was going great and towards the end of the game; I got lucky and drew the Goblin Hood creature. A friend decided to play Padzahr to negate the effect of Goblin Hood, only on himself. We had a debate and ultimately ruled it was fine as it was late and we had already spent 10 minutes+ on trying to if it was a legal play.

Goblin Hood states; [Please do not quote card text. Thanks.]

Padzahr states: [Please do not quote card text. Thanks.]

My question: Does Padzahr block all level loss or does it only prevent the level loss of the player.

Our debate was due to the source of the level loss affecting multiple people it would cancel it for every one versus only affecting the single player which played it.

Bonus question: Is it legal to play Karkadann Horn on Padzahr?

Karkadann Horn states: [Please do not quote card text. Thanks.]

If it is legal to play on Padzahr, could there be a scenario there you can prevent someone from gaining a level? Example: In combat someone plays a Divine Intervention (received from Hidden Treasure); could I play Padzahr and Karkadann Horn together to prevent the winning level from Divine Intervention.

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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Padzahr versus Goblin Hood effect...

Padzahr would block the level loss for its player only.

Karkadann Horn can't reverse Padzahr because preventing something from happening isn't a reversible effect as described on the Karkadann Horn card. ("Oh yeah? Well I double UNprevent your prevent!")

Finally, your question has two misconceptions about Divine Intervention. DI isn't a one-shot as defined in the rules, and DI can't be held to play later: it must be played IMMEDIATELY when it turns up.
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