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Default Freebird and School of Badassery

Hello, there! I have a question about the interaction between Freebird and School of Badassery.

Freebird is a 0 cost Monster card with 0 Power and 1 health whose ability says
"When this is hired, all committed gold is moved to your purse."

School of Badassery says:
"This comes into play zapped. Increase the gold cost of all Monsters by 1 gold. Hired Monsters gain 2 power until the end of the fight."

If I commit 1 or more gold to Freebird, and Freebird is hired, do I get the +2 power on Freebird AND get all the committed gold back?

Thank you!
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Default Re: Freebird and School of Badassery

That is how this combination would operate.

Once it is successfully hired, Freebird's ability activates and returns all the committed gold, and School of Badassery's Power bonus is in effect because Freebird is a hired monster.

No matter how much gold you commit to Freebird on its own, you get all that committed gold back once it is hired. That would include the increased +1 cost from School of Badassery (but it does mean that you will be cheating if you do not commit at least 1 gold).
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