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Default [Incantation] Light and Continual Light

I finally get to try Incantation Magic in play in the upcoming campaign… and man, am I lost!
For starters, I'd like to illuminate my ways with magic, but I'm not sure how to create light and scale it's intensiveness.

Let's start with Continual Light (from Magic), it seems simpler:

I'm sure it's Create Elementalism, 6 SP, that's obvious, with Duration between an hour and a day, for 7-11 SP, and Subject Weight up to 10 lbs., +0SP. But is that it, or should I add something to it?
I'm quite sure if I added Indirect Damage, burning, I could get the Flaming Weapon spell that would give as much light as a torch, but the whole party's using pole weapons, so that's not really an option. This leads to a conclusion that I could just omit Damage modifier and call it a day. On the other hand, I feel like Area of Effect would be in place for determining if it's a candlelight (1 yard) or torchlight (2 yards).
So, should light intensity be defined by AoE, or is it just a special effect without reflection on SP?

Now, to cast something like the Light spell, that creates a ball of light I can move with my thought, I guess I should add Control effect and Speed modifier, and the part where I need to concentrate on a spell to move it is a special effect -- is that right?

Last thing: shaping the light into a beam, like the Light Jet spell, would call for Transform Elementalism and maybe Range?
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