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Default Elder Things in Spaaaaace!

I was wondering what changes would be needed in DF if Elder Things lived in the deepest, darkest parts of space instead of some sort of Elder Thing plane. The idea is that when the gods created the universe out of chaos, there were some beings from the primordial chaos that remained and was hidden in the vastness of space. The gods have shunted them into other dimensions but when the stars are right the dimensions align and you know the rest.

Anyway, I would think Banish spell would not work due to the fact that Elder Things are native to the material universe. I think it would make dimensional magic like teleport and more important than planor ones like gate.

The minions of Elder Things would be true alien beings that somehow were able to transport to Earth from their original planet.

The Elder Gods would be beings truly in outer space that grant powers to worshippers through telepathy.

Any other changes? Thanks.
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Default Re: Elder Things in Spaaaaace!

Banish effects don't work on elder things already:
Originally Posted by Monsters
Elder Thing: Hostile creatures from outside all conventional “dimensions” – the Banish spell can’t send them away! Not magical creatures. Not living in any normal sense.
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Stone Dog
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Default Re: Elder Things in Spaaaaace!

Doesn't sound like anything needs to change. Just say they are part of the material plane, but instead of being measured in x,y,z coordinates they are measured in weird,unearthly, eldritch. They work on blue vs orange morality (tv tropes). They are visible and tangible, but move through our space without being part of it.

Standard GURPS rules still apply.
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