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Old 09-26-2017, 01:59 AM   #1
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Default Can I post a henchman-level "Mystic Squire" template here?

What's up, guys!

So, I have put together a 125-points template for the Mystic Knight for my players. I'd like to know if I have permission to share it here.

I don't plan on posting anything explaining the Imbue advantage or related talents, how imbuement skills work or anything like that. Just references to the official material and the 125-point adjusted template.

PS: Or maybe you guys might be interested on releasing that on a Pyramid Article. I could adjust the other Pyramid templates.
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Default Re: Can I post a henchman-level "Mystic Squire" template here?

Go right ahead. Its just a character template. They're all over these forums.
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Default Re: Can I post a henchman-level "Mystic Squire" template here?

Agreed, As long as you don't quote from the books, you should be fine. (It's polite to provide page references, along the lines of "see GURPS Basic Set, p. 55", but not necessary.)
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