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Default Fictional Characters and Magic realms.

It started as a Joke. "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh was a pirate and a smuggler. Would that make him Black and Blue, or would you be black and blue after he pistol whipped you?" It sounds better at 4AM.

Still, it was agreed, the Scarecrow's realms would be Blue and Black. which leads to further questions.

King Arthur and Robin Hood both had most of their adventures in forests but each has old and obscure ties to the sea. Are their realms simply Green, or do they have Blue elements as well? Those players I spoke too insisted that both men would have a strong White element.

We agreed Peter Pan was Green and Blue. Do you?

I held that Dorothy Gale's adventures occurred in forests and plains and that she would be Green and White. The others all held for the purest White.

Sinbad, Captain Hornblower, and Captain Nemo, are all profoundly Blue. But what about Flash Gordon (cognate to Sinbad surely) Captain Kirk (based on Hornblower) and the Doctor (who starts out in the first 13 episodes as being a lot like Nemo). Are travelers above the skies as blue as travelers on the seas?

Huck Finn's adventures take place on the Mississippi, a vast river that flows through a vast plain. Are his realms White and Blue? Or only one of these realms?

I held that Frankenstein's Creature had most of his adventures in the Mountains and should be linked to the Red realm. The others held he should also have Black.

What realms fit the Scarlet Pimpernel, Scheherazade, Oberon, and Merlin?
Per Ardua Per Astra!

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