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Default Re: Combat by Chess

I played a game of Archon* within D&D before. It gave something for the wizards and the combat monster to do instead of just an opposed skill roll.
*An old but amazing chess-like computer game where taking a square became a test of skill in real-time combat.
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Default Re: Combat by Chess

Strategy and Research can matter on a meta level. The end roll can be on Chess but knowing the opponent is Lecherous and having Beautiful women around to distract him, or that they have a mild Phobia and wearing a shirt that reminds them of the phobia to rattle them gives a bonus or penalty in the Chess roll.
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Default Re: Combat by Chess

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
I'm not so sure about using Tactics or Strategy or whatever to accumulate bonuses; I think that stuff is all in the Chess skill.
I agree; the Chess skill is Strategy (Chess) and Tactics (Chess).

Still, I could see allowing generic Strategy and Tactics as complementary skill rolls. That'd represent employing some non-Chess lessons from real-world strategy/tactics to enhance chess play. (Or screw it up, if the rolls go poorly...)
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