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Default Anti-aircraft Artillery? Or Gunner?

Strictly speaking, AAA fire is direct: you've definitely got line of sight to your aimpoint.

In the case of small (ish) caliber automatic weapons used against low-altitude targets, it seems fairly straightforward that Gunner remains the skill to use even if you're pointing your weapon up in the air and leading the target. (It is for similar weapons mounted on fighters, after all.)

But the big stuff that can reach to high altitude is significantly fire-directed with time-to-altitude considerations being critical. Before radar proximity fuses were available you even had to set time fuses! This seems much more a matter of Artillery than Gunner. Any RAW addressing this, though?
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Default Re: Anti-aircraft Artillery? Or Gunner?

RAW doesn't address fire direction or battery fire at all. I think Gunner still makes the most sense since even high altitude flack isn't observed or corrected fire.
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Default Re: Anti-aircraft Artillery? Or Gunner?

WW II stuff I would use Artellry as your guns look and act more like artillery. You have people telling you where to fire as well.
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Default Re: Anti-aircraft Artillery? Or Gunner?

I would go with artillery for the big flak barrages that were used in WW II, particularly against night bombing. The guns were laid, and fired under a central radar controlled direction system. Starting at large DDs, big military ships used similar systems. Smaller point defense guns would use gunner. Early war AAA guns, single gun emplacements, and some of the more remote locations would also tend to use gunner skill for the entire war.
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