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A Ladder
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Default Re: Ritual Magic/Fanasty Quandary

Originally Posted by Lameth View Post
Ok so read your posts and loved it. My issue is can the spells go above the college skill? Because with talents and perks they very much can. Also I allow special tool like wands and staves that can add to skill.
Per RAW, techniques cannot increase spells over college skill. So, no.
Keep in mind that Magery increases college skill.

Whatever perks you want to use and items that boost skills, or specific spells, are up to you.
Originally Posted by HunterS View Post
Congrats! You win the no-prize.
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Default Re: Ritual Magic/Fanasty Quandary

I have a pc that was trained by an arch mage but only on the very basics of magic, just enough to not to die. He learned around ten cantrips. So the world is ritual magic and I am following the rules you outlined and a few of my own. I do not want to give him the colleges yet. So what would you think of just allowing him to default the cantrips off this core skill of thaumaturgy or even occultism? Each at -6 plus zero for the no difficulty. Then later if he wants to become a real spell caster he can and get the college skills on his own. Or does he "already have" the colleges but they are just at zero points in them?

Maybe a talent for him only of "cantrips master", plus one per level to any spell deemed as a cantrip by gm.
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Default Re: Ritual Magic/Fanasty Quandary

In my current fantasy campaign, after struggling for a while, I concluded that if you have Ritual Magic, and Path X, and a ritual that defaults to Path X-5, then it defaults to Ritual Magic-11. On the other hand, if you have Book Y, its rituals have no default.
Bill Stoddard

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