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Default Jumping?

Originally Posted by Adventurers, p.79:
Whenever you roll for a difficult jump or to hop over the trigger of a trap, use the better of Jumping or DX. Also use the higher of Jumping/2 or Basic Move/4 as your basic horizontal jumping distance. For more on such stunts, see Jumping (Exploits, p. 20)
Originally Posted by Exploits, p.20:
A wider horizontal obstacle requires a DX or Jumping roll. Maximum distance in yards is the higher of Basic Move/2 or Jumping/4.
So, uh, which one's right?
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Default Re: Jumping?

The latter is correct: BM/2 or Jumping/4. Good catch.

(Although, I would not use Basic Move, I'd just use Move after accounting for encumbrance and possibly sprinting and Extra Effort.)
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Default Re: Jumping?

Yeah, this was one of the first real errata we caught (as opposed to silly typos or "I disagree and think it should be like this instead"). The Exploits formula is the correct one.
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