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Default WTB/WTT list

Want list:


Go Up a Level (Dragon art)
Calvary Captain
Clockwork Dragon
The Big Red God Did Not See the Unspeakable Thing You Did To His Slippers
… of Smiting
Seasoned Greeplings

What I have to trade:


Stocking Stuffers (Munchkin, Christmas themed)
Gift Card (Munchkin, Christmas themed)
Munchkin Stocking Stuffers 4 card sets (x3) (Munchkin, Christmas themed)
Curse! Bad Hare Day (Munchkin, Easter themed)
Candy Apple (Munchkin, Halloween themed)
Lie To Your Own Webcam (Munchkin) x2

Pumpkin King (Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Whim Of The Elder Gods (Munchkin Cthulhu, Get Promoted booster)
Iron Chef R’Lyeh (Munchkin Cthulhu)
Non-Canon (Munchkin Cthulhu)
Biggoth (Munchkin Cthulhu)
The Koala of Cthulhu (Munchkin Cthulhu)

Fezz Lightweight (Star Munchkin)
Laser-Sighted (Star Munchkin)
Tractor Beam (Star Munchkin)
Attic (Star Munchkin)
Sidekick: Hologram (Star Munchkin)
Mr. Spork (Star Munchkin)

Boo Fu (Munchkin Fu)

Miss Moneybags (Munchkin Impossible) (x2)
Kamikaze (Munchkin Impossible)

Ketch-23 (Munchkin Booty)
Phineas Le Fin (Munchkin Booty)
Sailor’s Yarn (Munchkin Booty)
Trapped Chest (Munchkin Booty)
Hull Breeches (Munchkin Booty)

Bum Steer (The Good, The Bad, And The Munchkin)
Horse Radish (The Good, The Bad, And The Munchkin)

Cal Q. Later (Super Munchkin)
Reboots (Super Munchkin)
Underwater HQ (Super Munchkin)

Love Thy Neighbor (Munchkin Apocalypse, Get Promoted booster)
Ethereal Plane (Munchkin Apocalypse)
Nuclear Vassal (Munchkin Apocalypse)

The Whisperers (Munchkin Zombies/The Walking Dead)
Zombie Santa (Munchkin Zombies, Get Promoted booster)
John Of The Dead (Munchkin Zombies, Warehouse 23)
John Of The Dead (Munchkin Zombies, Get Promoted booster)
Mister Ded (Munchkin Zombies)
Get A Head (Munchkin Zombies, Get Promoted booster)
Zoombies (Munchkin Zombies)
Pitcher of Cheap Beer (Munchkin Zombies)


The Official Munchkin Impossible Bookmark Of Her Majesty’s Secret Circus


2014 Silver Piece
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