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Default Future invention point system RPG game

I am making a game where each future invention gives you 5 points. Once you accumulate to 100, you win. Each 5 points unlocks a new invention.

Here's what I have so far

+5 James Webb Space Telescope
+10 Quantum computer
+15 Fusion reactor
+20 Fusion rocket

Does anybody have any cool, creative invention ideas for +25 to +100?
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Old 09-07-2017, 02:24 AM   #2
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Default Re: Future invention point system RPG game

Not sure where exactly to put them, but a few ideas:

General A.I.
Single stage to orbit
3D printed transplant organs
Cloned extinct animals
The goal of a mentor should be to run out of answers before the pupil runs out of questions
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Default Re: Future invention point system RPG game

Which sciences do you want to draw from? What's the theme? And are you looking for one invention in each category? How hard do you need the science to be, and how big can the eventual projects be?

Mass produced carbon-nano tubules
fully functionally prosthetics (that replace human limbs)
Neural Interface
Room temperature Superconductor
indefinite life extension
Alcubierre drive
Self-driving cars
Self replicating machines (note, will probably be a big collection of large machines)
If you want specific space projects:

Venus Lander
Project Star-Shot
Moon Base
Mars Base
Rotating Habitat

Also, the james webb telescope is an invention in that it hasn't been built before, but the parts of it are old.
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