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Default Combat

Hello guys, we had a situation that we didnt know how to handle. So, a friend of my entered combat with a monster, and another friend buffed the monster so that he could not win against it. So the losing player used the card "Flayleaf Powder" on the same player that helped the monster. So my question is, in this situation, the cards that buffed the monster, do they have no effect or do they buff the monster, plus the player who buffed the monster is helping the "victim"
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Default Re: Combat

As a general rule, cards played or discarded to power a special ability don't change how they work just because the person who played them changes status later. That statement can be applied to many different situations (e.g., if a player who is a Cleric discards three cards to turn an Undead Monster, that +9 bonus doesn't go away once that Cleric class card is discard for any reason).

This situation is no different. That card was played to the Monster side, and it will continue to buff the Monster side even though the player who played it joined the combat as a helper, either by choice or compulsion (like Flayleaf Powder's ability).
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Default Re: Combat

Thank you very much :)
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