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Default Steeds/Ships

Hi, I need a clarification on what I see to be a discrepancy between two printings of rules regarding Steeds (and their synonyms) and Ships.

CWBH (7) Steeds ... paragraph 3 reads: "Reminder: Run away bonuses or penalties on Steeds, Vehicles, and Ships replace any bonuses or penalties from your Items, Race, Class, etc. If you have both a Ship and a Steed or Vehicle, the Ship's bonus or penalty (if any) takes precedence."
Rules Version 1.81 (February 2014)

Did this officially change by the printing of Hidden Treasures, which under Specific Rules, bullet 1 reads: "Steed/Vehicle/Ship: If you don't have the rules, treat these as Big Items that do not count against your Big Item total. The best Run Away bonus from these Items replaces any other Run Away bonus or penalties you may have. ..."
Rules Version 1.0 (June 2015)

So specifically - does the date of Hidden Treasures rule override the date of CWBH rule?
If not, was the intention/essence of the Hidden Treasures (brevity) of the rule meant to follow the part of the first sentence that implies "If you don't have the rules ..." (even though that seems specifically a qualifier to the treatment of "Big Items", to me)?

If the Hidden Treasures rule is the "latest and greatest" - why the change (and IMO, added ambiguity)? It makes it seem like if you have a Ship with a penalty but a Steed/Vehicle with a boost - you can choose to use the boost of the Steed/Vehicle, and that is different than the letter of the rules in CWBH.

I understand that no matter what, they will always override your character's own bonus/penalty ... but following that, they still seem to contradict each other enough as to what may be the interpretation of "The best Run Away bonus ..."

Personally, I like the CWBH copy because it is more specific and precise, but will willingly abide by Hidden Treasures if it is meant to supersede CWBH. Thanks much ... sorry to get in the weeds!! Or, if this has already been asked/answered.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Steeds/Ships

Hidden Treasures should have been written more clearly. That's my fault. Ships take precedence over Steeds and Vehicles, and all of them take precedence over any OTHER bonuses you might have.
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Default Re: Steeds/Ships

Perfect. Love it. Thanks for the speedy reply!!
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